Satellite Removal With Shingle Replacement

*We are a roof repair only company

Satellite Dish Removal w/ shingle replacement: $160*

*This price is for single-story walkable shingle roofs

Deciding to remove your satellite dish is a big decision because, if done incorrectly, this can damage your roof and expose it to severe damage. It’s imperative that you find a qualified roofer that can safely remove the satellite dish and replace the surrounding roof shingles so that your roof remains fully in-tact afterward, and Roof Repair Solutions in Houston can do exactly that.

Does Roof Shingle Replacement Have To Be Done When Removing A Satellite Dish?

It’s best to replace the roof shingles that surround the satellite dish immediately upon removal. Satellite dishes sit on a base that is secured into the roof shingles, so when we remove an old satellite dish and the mount, those roof shingles are exposed, and so are the holes through which the satellite dish was mounted,

Although there are some “shortcuts" to covering up these holes, the roof shingles have also been under the weight of the satellite dish, so they are more than likely to have sustained a level of damage. Further, it’s just overall better for your roof and the underlying structure to replace the affected roof shingles. Not only does this remove any trace of there ever having been an unsightly satellite dish on your roof, but it also reinforces the area so that your roof can remain sturdy and protective of you.

Roof Shingle Matching

At Roof Repair Solutions, we welcome our customers to send us photos of the area where their satellite dish is, but we will also stop by for an inspection if you would like us to. During our inspection, we will make note of the type of shingles you have installed on your roof. Following this, we will proceed with searching for matching shingles so that when we remove your satellite dish and replace the roof shingles, the replacement shingles will be a near perfect match. When you entrust Roof Repair Solutions with your roofing needs, we will provide service that is fueled by passion, preparation, and professionalism. Rest assured that your roof will look as good as new and remain strong and sturdy.

We have been honoring these prices since 2003

*These prices are for single-story walkable shingle roofs

Replace and Match Missing Shingles$190
R&R Plumbing Boot$220
Install Solar Attic Fan$320
Replace Damage Decking $380
Roof Tune-Up$190
Replace HVAC Roof Jack and Collar$280
Replace Broken Spanish Tile$240
Satellite Dish Removal With
Shingle Replacement
Replace Water Heater
Roof Jack and Collar
Install Turbine Vent$280
Remove Skylight$480
Replace Broken Slate$240
Minor Fascia & Soffit Repairs (starting at)$380
Replace Chimney Chase Cover$680
Install Missing Valley Flashing$840-$1280
Minor Roof Repairs starting at$190


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