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Roof repairs are a great way to keep your roof safe and sturdy, especially ahead of Houston’s hurricane season and scorching heat. A Houston roof repair is the ideal solution when minor areas on your roof have been damaged, rather than larger portions of your roof. Further, when you entrust Roof Repair Solutions with your repairs, we will not only remove and replace the damaged roof shingles with matching ones, but we will also weatherize the rest of your roof to reinforce it and prevent further damage.

Signs Of Houston Roof Damage

There are several signs that may indicate your roof has been damaged, but one sure sign that your roof is in dire need of repair is that of missing roof shingles. Missing roof shingles are often caused by the following:

Wind Roof Damage

In Houston, the spring is known for its windy conditions, and so is most of the hurricane season–especially when a tropical storm or hurricane is near. Wind roof damage appears as:

  • Lifted roof shingles
  • Missing roof shingles

Loosened, damaged roof shingles are more prone to lifting from the wind, and once they are already lifted, heavier storm winds can tear them off completely, exposing the underlying structure to further storm damage. Don’t forget that roof shingles are all nailed together, so adjacent roof shingles will fly off right alongside their damaged counterparts. 

Critter Roof Damage

Critters love to make your home their own, and this usually begins by them being curious and wandering onto your roof. Critters, such as squirrels and raccoons, may find a loose roof shingle and start to dig and pick at. As a result, they will slowly but surely rip off the affected roof shingles, leading to missing roof shingles and large bald spots on your roof.

In Need Of Houston Roof Damage Repair? Roof Repair Solutions Is Here To Help!

If you’re located in Sugar Land, Katy, Pearland, Spring, Missouri City, or other parts of the Greater Houston Area, and are concerned that your roof has sustained damage from winds and critters, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. You can send us photos of the damage you’re worried about and we can even stop by for a free roof inspection. Our Houston roof repair experts look forward to addressing this damage in a timely manner and restoring the appearance and integrity of your roofing.


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