Replace Damaged Decking

*We are a roof repair only company

Replace Damaged Decking: $380*

*This price is for single-story walkable shingle roofs

Roof shingles may be considered the most important part of your roof, but the decking is just as important–if not more important.

Why You Should Replace Your Roof’s Decking

Your roof deck serves as the foundation for your roof shingles. If your roof decking is damaged, it won’t be sturdy enough to adequately support your roof shingles, putting your roof at grave risk of damage. In this case, our Houston roof repair experts are available to help! As a roof repair-only company, we know all of the best ways to reinforce your roof to improve its lifespan, and one of these methods is to replace areas of damaged roof decking.

Wood Rot

Wood rot is the primary cause of damage to your decking. This occurs when the plywood that makes up your decking has absorbed excessive moisture, resulting in it disintegrating and rotting away. Your roof deck may absorb too much moisture on the interior and on the exterior due to an unaddressed roof leak, excessive humidity in the attic, and/or if any roof shingles are missing, as this results in exposing your roof decking to the elements.

Wood rot can lead to a number of other issues, each of which severely weakens your roof’s structural integrity. These issues include (but are not limited to):

  • Damaged roof insulation
  • Bulging spots on roof or ceilings
  • Spreading existing wood rot
  • Fungus and mold growth

These are serious problems that not only put your home’s structure at risk, but also put yours and your family’s safety at risk. It’s best to address damaged decking as quickly as possible so that you can then reinforce the rest of your roofing from the outside by investing in shingle replacement and even weatherizing services. Once your decking damage is corrected with a roof deck replacement, then your roof shingles, chimney flashing, and other components will be adequately protected and supported, too!

Think Your Roof Decking May Be Damaged? Give Roof Repair Solutions A Call!

Many signs may indicate that your roof deck has sustained damage, such as:

  • Morphing walls/ceilings in the attic
  • Water stains
  • Persistent roof leaks
  • High energy costs

Try as you might to be aware of some signs of roof deck damage, it’s always best to contact a Houston roofing expert such as Roof Repair Solutions. We will be happy to inspect your roof for you, make you aware of any damage to your decking, and replace your damaged decking for you.

We have been honoring these prices since 2003

*These prices are for single-story walkable shingle roofs

Replace and Match Missing Shingles$190
R&R Plumbing Boot$220
Install Solar Attic Fan$320
Replace Damage Decking $380
Roof Tune-Up$190
Replace HVAC Roof Jack and Collar$280
Replace Broken Spanish Tile$240
Satellite Dish Removal With
Shingle Replacement
Replace Water Heater
Roof Jack and Collar
Install Turbine Vent$280
Remove Skylight$480
Replace Broken Slate$240
Minor Fascia & Soffit Repairs (starting at)$380
Replace Chimney Chase Cover$680
Install Missing Valley Flashing$840-$1280
Minor Roof Repairs starting at$190


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