Install Solar Attic Fan

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Install Solar Attic Fan: $320*

*This price is for single-story walkable shingle roofs

Houston is no stranger to heat and humidity, but just because we as Houstonians are used to this climate, doesn’t mean that our roofs and our attics are immune to it. In order to keep your roof and the rest of your home cool, installing a solar-powered attic fan is a viable solution.

What Is A Solar Attic Fan

As its name suggests, a solar attic fan is a solar-powered fan that is installed on your roof as a way to provide adequate ventilation to your attic. In turn, this eco-friendly ventilation system keeps your attic cool and, consequently, the rest of your home cool so you can feel extra comfortable in the summer. 

Why You Need A Solar Attic Fan

There are many benefits to installing a solar-powered fan on your roof, including:

Reduce Moisture

The heat and humidity combining in your small attic space are the perfect combination for excess moisture to develop, resulting in the growth of mold and fungus. Left unaddressed for an extended period of time, this will severely damage the integrity of your structure and potentially put your loved ones’ health at risk. Professional solar attic fan installation will provide enough ventilation to eliminate excess moisture and reinforce the structural integrity of your home.

Reduce Energy Costs

Do you find that you’re cranking up the AC like crazy in August and are still struggling to remain cool? A lot of us have been there too. If you opt for a solar-powered attic fan, this additional ventilation enables your AC to work as it should–not more. With adequate attic ventilation, you can say goodbye to setting the thermostat to arctic-like temperatures just to be comfortable. 

Extending The Lifespan Of Your Roof

When your attic isn’t properly ventilated, not only will the attic get hot, but this heat will spread into other areas of your home–including the underside of your roof’s decking. As the surface for your roof shingles, when the decking becomes compromised, so do your roof shingles. If you let our Houston roof repair company install a solar-powered attic fan, you will no longer have to worry about the decking becoming overly hot and losing its strength and durability. 

We have been honoring these prices since 2003

*These prices are for single-story walkable shingle roofs

Replace and Match Missing Shingles$190
R&R Plumbing Boot$220
Install Solar Attic Fan$320
Replace Damage Decking $380
Roof Tune-Up$190
Replace HVAC Roof Jack and Collar$280
Replace Broken Spanish Tile$240
Satellite Dish Removal With
Shingle Replacement
Replace Water Heater
Roof Jack and Collar
Install Turbine Vent$280
Remove Skylight$480
Replace Broken Slate$240
Minor Fascia & Soffit Repairs (starting at)$380
Replace Chimney Chase Cover$680
Install Missing Valley Flashing$840-$1280
Minor Roof Repairs starting at$190


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