*We are a roof repair only company


*These prices are for single-story walkable shingle roofs

At Roof Repair Solutions in Houston, we are proud to offer several services that aid in giving homeowners a renewed sense of safety about their roof. When your roof is damaged, we offer the following roof repair services:

Replace and Match Missing Shingles: $190

Roof repairs are recommended when a few areas on your roof have weakened due to storm damage and/or years of accumulated damage. Rather than letting the damage spread and worsen, we can replace your damaged roof shingles with matching shingles in order to reinforce those damaged areas, offering greater protection to your roof and your loved ones.

Satellite Dish Removal With Shingle Replacement: $160

It’s one thing to remove a satellite dish, but it’s another to have one person remove it and restore the surrounding area. If you want to remove your satellite dish, we will make sure to explain how the process will work so you understand what the job entails. Further, once the satellite dish is removed we will replace the surrounding roof shingles to make certain the area is well protected.

Install Solar Attic Fan: $320

Houston is no stranger to heat. In fact, it’s one of our trademarks, but that doesn’t mean our roofs and our attics are immune to heat damage. Keep your roofing and attic cooler and more apt to withstand the heat while also being protected from precipitation.

Remove & Replace Plumbing Boot: $220

Your roof has multiple pipes mounted onto it making them highly susceptible to weather-related damage that comes with rain and wind storms. If your plumbing vent pipe boots are damaged, rest assured that we will assess the area and repair it as necessary.

Roof Tune-Up: $190

With our roof tune-up services, we will check up on your roof’s current condition and weather-seal areas and components that tend to be more prone to damage. Additionally, if we spot any roof shingles that are not laying flat against your roof, we will repair those as needed to ensure your roof is as strong as possible ahead of periods of severe weather.

Replace Damaged Decking: $380

Your roof’s decking serves as the surface on which your roof shingles will be installed.Often, precipitation may make its way into the decking, putting the entire roofing structure at risk. If your roof has sustained extensive damage over the years–especially from rain storms–then we will be glad to replace the decking.


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